When you consider the cost of daily makeup in terms of time and expense, many realize that permanent makeup can actually save you time and money.  There is a one time expense, and of course for this you want to hire the best not the cheapest, but then you have a lifetime of satisfaction from the benefits, and nothing further is involved other than an occational color refresher for fading over the years.

Consultations:   A consultation for permanent makeup or para-medical tattooing is recommended before scheduling a procedure appointment. Consultations are generally 30 minutes and informational only. A consultation for permanent makeup does not include any makeup designing*. More than one person may attend a consultation, so feel free to bring a friend! If you must reschedule a consultation, we kindly ask that you provide at least 48 hours notice.The fee for a consultation is $50.00, but the full amount will be applied as a credit towards any service booked. (*see optional makeup design appointment paragraph).

What Permanent Makeup Fees Cover  The fees for your permanent makeup cover the design process, complete review of medical history, topical anesthetic, state-of-the-art digital equipment with all disposable, sterile needles and supplies, skin analysis, color selection and custom blending of the selected colors, complete after-care kit with printed instructions and one follow-up visit if any touch-up work is needed.

Cold Sores: If you are prone to getting cold sores and therefore need medication for the prevention of cold sores for a permanent lip color procedure, you must obtain that from your private physician or dentist prior to your appointment day. You must provide proof of the prescription upon booking. If you cannot do your lip procedure because you forgot to prepare then your appointment will be rescheduled and a rescheduling fee charged. 

Typical procedure fees:
(Consultation will determine if any special requests, conditions, or circumstances would take extra time beyond the typical.)

Eyebrows-for both eyebrows w/ hair simulation and multidimensional color - $800.

Eyeliner - for natural eyeliner for both eyes - $800. 

Eyelash Enhancement - $700

Lip Liner with blending -  Lip liner is applied and then lightly shaded into the interior portion of the lips where it gradually blends into your own natural lip tone -  $950.

Full lip color - this includes lip liner and full interior lip shading for an even all over color saturation - $1150.

Beauty Marks - $150

Breast Areola Creation or Repigmentation Fees for areola repigmentation following breast cancer reconstruction or for areola scar camouflage (breast augmentation, breast lift or reduction) are charged per breast.  The average fee for breast cancer patients is $400.00 per breast.  For patients with no surgically created nipple protrusion, a 3-D effect is possible to create the illusion of a nipple. Add $100.00 per breast for this service. For scars that are to be blended into existing natural areola color, a test patch is necessary for color matching.  There is a $50.00 fee for this process, in addition to the fees for the actual procedure. After the test patch, a 21-30 day window is necessary for healing and final color analysis. For scarring of the breasts not related to breast cancer reconstruction, the fees are assessed on a case-by-case basis. A consultation will be necessary to determine the treatment plan. 

Camouflage Makeup -$90 to create color, instruct, and apply. Includes providing the custom- blended makeup for your continued use.

Makeup Design Appointment  Our 30 minute consultation appointment is designed to provide adequate time to detail the informational aspects of the permanent makeup process. If you desire a facial analysis and a “trial” application of traditional cosmetics to get an idea of what the shape, color and placement of the permanent makeup will look like, this must be done at a separate appointment and a fee of $75.00 will be charged. $50 of this fee will be applied to your procedure costs if you book an appointment for the permanent makeup within 30 days. If you book an appointment for a procedure, adequate time is allowed for custom design, penciling and shaping of the procedure area for no additional fee.  

Scar Camouflage Fees are provided at the consultation on a per case basis. Usually a test patch is required for proper matching of the surrounding natural skin tones. The test patch is a separate appointment and a fee of $50.00. A healing period and final color analysis occurs and if satisfactory, then 21-30 days later the camouflage procedure takes place. Skin tone camouflage for scars, burns, surgical incision scars etc., is generally a multi-session process, and fees per session may be assessed depending upon the complexity of the situation.

Permanent Makeup Correction and Tattoo Lightening or Removal Fees are provided at the consultation on a per case basis. Multiple sessions are usually necessary for removal results. Fees are charged depending upon the severity of the problem and the number of sessions required for partial or complete removal. 

Recoloring Faded Permanent Makeup (Previous permanent makeup done elsewhere by another technician). All fees for recoloring or correcting permanent makeup that was done by another technician at a different location will be based on a case by case basis. Sometimes it is a simple matter of choosing the correct neutralizing color to change the tone and freshen up the color. Often it is more intensive and can require several visits or even removal of unwanted pigment to correct the existing situation. Fees start at the price for original new permanent makeup with additional fees possible if corrective or restorative measures are necessary. 

Appointment Booking  We provide individual appointments with adequate time for personalized service and attention to detail. Unlike doctors who schedule 5 patients at a time in different rooms, or long waiting room times, we run on schedule and see one client at a time. You are given exclusive time for your quality service.  Arriving late for an appointment may result in cancellation or rescheduling of your appointment and a fee will be charged to cover the lost time.  For all procedure appointments, a credit card is required at the time of scheduling. A credit card deposit of 50% is paid to reserve your appointment, balance is due day of service. We require 2 business days cancellation or rescheduling notice. If cancellations or changes are made within the required time frame the deposit is fully refundable, otherwise for late notice and no-shows the reservation fee is forfeited. Failure to disclose pertinent medical information that results in the last minute cancellation of a scheduled procedure will result in a fee. If you have any condition that you are under on-going medical care for, you must disclose this before scheduling an appointment so we can evaluate your situation and determine if you are a candidate for the process. 

The results of any cosmetic procedure, including but not limited to permanent cosmetics, cannot be guaranteed. As such, whether or not a patient is satisfied with the outcome, there will be no refunds.  

Gift Certificates cannot be exchanged for cash.

All retail cosmetics or skin care products cannot be returned if opened. 

We schedule one client at a time in order to give everyone adequate opportunity to have the best outcome. This will include a thorough consultation, designing of the areas to be tattooed and time for the application of the topical anesthetic. I pay special attention to the smallest details and want the opportunity to give you beautiful and natural looking permanent makeup.  

We accept Visa, Master Card, cash or personal check.

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