Hemangiomas are raised birthmarks. They are blue, red, or purple. They are clumps of blood vessels that did not grow normally. Hemangiomas grow in many shapes and sizes and can grow on the skin or deeper in the body.

Port-wine stains 
Port-wine stains are birthmarks that are pink-red at birth and then become a darker red-purple. Port-wine stains are blood vessels that did not grow normally. They can be small, or they can cover a large area.

Today, there are many effective laser treatments to remove the majority of the discoloration in the skin due to congenital birthmarks. These types of birthmarks are highly vascular ( lots of blood vessels) and cannot be tattooed to cover. Not only would it not cover well, but it could cause severe bleeding and tissue damage. The lasers used cauterize the small tangles of blood vessels so they skrink and just reabsorb. It has helped thousands of sufferers with the emotional and phycial effects of this type of birth mark. However, the laser treatments rarely get rid of 100% of the discoloration in the skin. 
That’s where we can help.  We carry a fabulous Camouflage makeup line that is custom blended for every individual, is water, sweat and smear proof and provides very intense coverage while looking very natural. It can be worn alone on the body or in combination with your regular makeup on the face. See us for a personalized consultation, instructional application and custom blending if you have any skin imperfections that you would like to cover. 

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Hemangiomas (raised birthmarks)
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