Full size kit - includes 4 separate custom blendable colors, moisturizer and
remover, setting powder and instructional video. The entire Kit and Video is only $95.
Buy Full Kit and Video

Mini Kit: 4 custom blendable colors in one handy palette, moisturizer,
remover and powder with instructional DVD. Great for small areas, great to
travel with, only $70.
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Individual refill colors are available.
Individual refills on moisturizer, remover and powder also available.

If you wish to come in for a personal consultation, please contact us.  If you are interested in having our Camouflage Makeup Kit delivered to your own home, your order will be shipped immediately.  Free telephone support will be available if you have any questions once you receive your kit.

Only unopened products may be returned.
Camouflage Makeup Kit 
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